Temptations & Treats has a couple of missions….

One mission is to enhance adult relationships by promoting adult communication. Communication isn’t always a spoken word. Sometimes we communicate through touch, a look or an expression, eye contact, gestures, and body language….and sometimes by our physical location or proximity to each other. In this busy world….take a moment to “communicate” with your lover.

If you think about it….communication can absolutely involve ALL of our 5 senses. Of course…since our skin is our largest organ, we always think of touch first, regardless is we are touching or being touched. Hearing or Sound can be involved by music, our lovers voice…and even our surroundings. Maybe being at the beach or lake and hearing sounds from the water sets the mood because they are relaxing. Maybe thunder from a crazy storm does the trick (wink wink). Taste….could be food, could be lube, could be the taste of your lovers salty skin after a long day at work!  Sense of smell can be triggered by our own bodies. I mean, think about it…it’s kinda sexy, primal and animalistic…and HOT. Have you ever wanted to get sweaty with someone whose smell you don’t like?  And when you’re getting busy between the sheets….isn’t the smell of sex another turn on? Tell the truth….

And last but not least….there is sight. This is where I have to give thanks for men being so visual. Show them some skin and BAM!

Get creative….and involve ALL of the senses.

Another mission is to break the “don’t talk” rule. Let’s be real….we all have questions. Questions about sex, foreplay, our girl parts…and our lovers’ parts, ideas to spice things up (like where, when and how).

And lastly…I hope that by learning about our body and our lovers body we can improve our self awareness, our self esteem, and our confidence.

Honey…make love not war.


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